Their bangs slide more than his eyes inside the an uneven perimeter

Their bangs slide more than his eyes inside the an uneven perimeter

Giyu Tomioka ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ?? ) ? ( ? ) ? ( ?? ) , Tomioka Giyu ? ) is a primary supporting profile from Demon Slayer: Kimetsu zero Yaiba. He is a devil Slayer of one’s Demon Slayer Corps and you will the current Liquids Hashira ( ? ( ?? ) ? ( ??? ) , Mizu Bashira ? ) . [2]


Giyu try a taller child out of an excellent muscle stature and you can soft skin, who’s more often than not viewed dressed in a serious and you may emotionless term. He has got uncontrollable black colored hair from uneven lengths one to sticks right up during the tufts doing their lead, he wears tied back into a reduced messy ponytail within the bottom of his shoulder. Their eyes are clear and you may moderately highest, their irises an intense sapphire you to is out in order to a lighter blue as well as their students a bluish-black, consequently they are framed by the narrow eyebrows.

Giyu wears a dark colored cyan-tinted sort of the product quality Demon Slayer consistent having buttoned white leg-wrapped kyahan and you will a set of white zori having navy blue bands and you may tabi clothes underneath as the exact same cyan color as the his uniform. More it, Giyu wears a beneficial haori that is split down the center for the a couple of additional activities: the right one a solid reddish, plus the kept one to geometrically patterned which have squares of environmentally friendly, orange, and you can purple. This type of haori was basically after indexed to own belonged so you can his later earlier aunt, Tsutako Tomioka, along with his dead pal Sabito. [3]

Through the their battle with Muzan Kibutsuji, the guy seems to lose their proper arm. [4] Pursuing the fight, Giyu slices his tresses right down to neck size, today using it loose rather than fastened on a good ponytail. [5]

When you are Giyu try knowledge lower than Sakonji Urokodaki, he wore a red-colored haori which may later compensate his newest you to and additionally black tucked-in tattsuke-hakama trousers and his awesome latest white base-covered kyahan and you may group of light zori that have navy blue bands. At the same time, the guy including wears this new warding masks that are signature so you can Sakonji’s college students. To have Giyu, it’s a light fox hide that have light-blue attention.


Giyu usually wears a beneficial stoic and unbothered term towards their face. They have a set aside character and you may a robust feeling of justice and no endurance into people who have no idea their particular limits and you can throwaway its lifestyle. [6] Despite permitting Nezuko Kamado real time on account of Tanjiro Kamado’s hard work, he suggests no hesitation when killing most other demons and also zero admiration or compassion to your them like any Demon Slayers. [7] But, Giyu broken the new Devil Slayer Corps’ code out-of perform as he secure Nezuko through the Shinobu’s make an effort to eliminate her. This means he doesn’t totally dislike demons as some other Hashira manage, that’s happy to create an exception getting a devil by permitting them to real time whenever they you should never eliminate and you may consume people. This indicates that he’s even more pragmatic when controling demons alternatively allowing their hatred affect their reasoning.

Giyu appears to have an elaborate as to what someone else remember him which will be amazed whenever Shinobu Kocho claims he is disliked by many people. [8] Apart from that however, he doesn’t be seemingly hurt by the Shinobu’s other pokes, even ignoring the woman. Even though, he’s indeed ount of history together with her. He could be a man of not many words and has issues getting together with other people, so the guy constantly provides himself far away. [9] The guy even fades off his means to fix give Akaza you to the guy dislikes speaking, and you will really wants to continue their term to help you himself, when he thinks labels aren’t meant to be common, particularly to help you demons.

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