Yes there’s a lot off intercourse, it was never ever problems for Barbara Cartland!

Yes there’s a lot off intercourse, it was never ever problems for Barbara Cartland!

A far since Gabriel Aubry goes, I entirely concur that he is significant and you can stunning. I don’t discover his face once the girly but instead having very carved enjoys and you may higher cheekbones. not, while I’m very much inside the agreement one anyone who takes on Jamie need to be anybody having a form of manly beauty, additionally, it is absolutely essential that he has some acting chops. As much as i see Aubry only has been a leading journey model no acting feel and so i are unable to select him using up the new character regarding Jamie.

Loved the fresh new redhead photograph away from him

Really, Lisa, such as I told you it absolutely was Diana herself having said that Gabriel Aubry’s more close out of Jamie’s have she’s got planned, of course, if you look from the his deal with you’ll see many characteristics she makes reference to when you look at the within our hero like the “cat eyes”, high cheekbones, long nose and you can huge mouth area. However, We trust Beajay, as far as Jamie looks most intimate while the Aubry in my experience whenever I am studying (aside from the whatever else I mentioned above), he is a fashion model perhaps not a star, thus not even just one risk of him portraiting instance an emotional profile. Possibly within the a great photoshoot wear kilts! And you may Gerard could well be the best selection as the he’s a good star and contains which manly beauty many of us is actually inquiring having Jamie, but simply out-of “Voyager” ahead. He is excess old to own “Outlander”. Excuse-me my English, I am away from Brazil and you will, you know, it’s not my mommy language, but i have to say that I enjoy see all the the brand new conversation which you keep in this page thanks to my letters.

Holy Moses! Ultimately a face I can get a hold of because the Jamie’s! Really when he first satisfied Claire in any event. Gabriel Aubry. Yep. His face can perhaps work. Simply placed on regarding the 40 far more lbs off strength equally marketed of course and you may lets check their suggest face. lol. Till we see him you will need to strike concern inside a tough son (equal to their size) with just good scowl we’re going to never know. Ok last one, and there’s the whole pretending matter too. Do he work? I am talking about anybody who takes on Jamie should pull-off so it Amazing charactor and higher even so Brad did getting their charactor into the Stories of your Fall, proper? BTW have any of you heard of photos from Catherine McCormack where it looks like their hair is chopped off? We saw it picture and you will quickly idea of Claire.( When they slashed the girl tresses of when you look at the a breath out of Accumulated snow and you will Ashes.)

Training certainly one of Diana Gabaldon’s courses, especially the most recent, A mirror from the Bone, is not for example understanding your regular guide. It’s similar to a trip having an old friend immediately following an extended seperation. Paying attention because they put aside exactly what has actually happened on them even though you had been aside. It is not like any almost every other studying feel We have ever endured.

I believe that maybe you have ideas off intimate inadequancy otherwise issues with preference and therefore produced that it shameful to you personally

Sabrina, I truly liked the tip off Simon Woods. not, to possess good 23 yr old Jamie instead of William. Only have to generate him a tad bit more tough appearing. He’s the fresh new straight nose, complete throat and also the slanted sight. Up to now, not one of your ideal actors have obtained most of the about three of them face properties; especially the slanted eyes. Simon is not all that extreme at 5′ 11″, (my dh was 6’7″ so my basic is a bit large) but for the screen and this can be taken care of. I don’t truly know how “bulked out” he’s either, but that can be worked tirelessly on too having intense education.

s.locke – sure jamie performed bring claire a pounding, and you will yes he also said the guy preferred they – as much as i can be keep in mind (and i enjoys re also-have a look at whole show and additionally reflect on limbs a couple of times) the only one who got raped is truly jamie himself, if you feel that anybody, regardless of decades, carry out fantasise about getting punished, ashamed, beaten and you will vilently and you will sickenengly raped of the a kinky and you may vicious individual strictly for their own satisfaction – and just letting it occur to manage the girl he wants (the girl centered on you he treated so badly) than i`m afraid they states more and more both you and your own needs than simply it will concerning the stunning way in which it tale is created and you will depicted. For those who have certainly told feedback regarding dislike to share next by all means take action – but please don’t insult all of us because of the telling me to expand right up – i me personally are a good `grown up` brilliant lady and you can would not transpose my personal emotions out-of inadequacy onto anybody else – `adults` don`t do that.

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